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Lizard Light celebrates our sacred physical connection to the planet, and offers us a path not of ownership, but kinship, as part of the breathing world of ravens, rocks and constellations.

What the Critics are Saying:

Penny Harter is the real thing—a gifted poet of nature in the tradition of Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry, Robert Penn Warren, Theodore Roethke, and, at a greater distance, Dylan Thomas. —John Murray, Bloomsbury Review
at once subtle and dramatic, quiet and powerful. The New Mexican
Penny Harter sings us back to the center of things, to the heart, where everything speaks... we are learning the planet by ear, and our hearts have been changed..—Gary Lawless

An Excerpt from the book:

The Night Sky
by Penny Harter from Lizard Light

When something taps your window
in the dark—a large moth
beating its pale wings,
or a pungent branch of lilac
scraping in the wind—
you wake to the night sky
pouring in upon you.

You have been waiting
all your life for this,
open as a harp.

And when a bird cries out
from the depths of the lilac
where it has slept every night
undisturbed, you understand
that it too has opened
to a shining that sings.


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