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Mother, Speak To Us Of War /
Madre, Hablanos De La Guerra

First Edition
By Marjorie Agosin
Edited and Translated by Betty Jean Craige
Poetry/War Poetry/Hispanic Studies
136 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5



-- Excerpt

"La Sardana en Barcelona Por Marjorie Agosin Frente a la catedral Y al mercado de las flores En Barcelona Ciudad de suenos en piedra y luz Danzan Giran Danzan desafiantes Como danzaban frente a los dictadores de Espana Frente al Generalisimo Franco Quien por treinta y siete anos No les dejaba usar catala En las escuelas En los periodicos En los libros En la radio Danzan Vienen de todas las comarcas de Catalunya Danzan Giran Dan vueltas Bailan las melodias de la paz Bailan para no oirlos tambores de la guerra El ritmo de la sardana sigue Danzan Giran Dan vueltas En la Placa de Catalunya Y en cada aldea y caserio Ahora soy testigo Que en ninguna cultura del mundo (La Sardana en Barcelona)

The Sardana in Barcelona By Marjorie Agosin Translated by Betty Jean Craige In front of the cathedral And the flower market In Barcelona City of dreams in light and stone They dance They turn They dance defiantly As they danced in the face of Spain's dictators In the face of Generalisimo Franco Who for thirty-seven years Did not let them use catala In the schools In the newspapers In books On the radio They dance They come from all parts of Catalunya They dance They turn And whirl They dance the melodies of peace They dance not to hear the drums of war "

Another Excerpt



Poems to awaken our consciences to the multidimensional aspects of military violence. It is a bilingual edition, edited and translated by Betty Jean Craige. The bilingual poems express the viewpoints of all war's victims: dead and wounded, mothers and children, soldiers and civilians alike, on all sides of conflict. They address the suffering caused by missiles, bombs, and bullets, and by tyranny, racism, and repression. And they marvel at the irrepressibility of the human spirit in face of war. This book is not about dogma or name calling or accusation. It is a profound meditation on the nature of war, of human violence and consequences of what it does, to us. It's power is in being a poetic representation of war. 

Marjorie Agosin is an award-winning author of more than thirty books, a poet, editor, and human rights activist. Born in the US and raised in Chile, she spent much of her life in exile following Pinochet's rise to power. Agosin's Ph.D is in Latin American literature from Indiana U. She teaches at Wellesley, and was Hispanic Magazine's Distinguished Latina Woman in 2004.

Betty Jean Craige is a Prof. of Comparative Literature and Director of the Center for Humanities and Arts at University of Georgia. She has published books in fields of Spanish poetry, modern literature, politics, and art. Her work includes Lorca's Poet in New York and Laying the Ladder Down: The Emergence of Cultural Holism, for which she was named Georgia Author of the Year. Craige is Co-Founder of the Delta Prize for Global Understanding.

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