Unbroken Line:
Writing in the Lineage of Poetry

by Miriam Sagan

144 pages
6 x 9
ISBN 1-890932-08-6




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Great News For Poets

Acclaimed writing teacher and author of more than a dozen books of poetry, Miriam Sagan has written the book that she wishes she had read when she first started writing poetry. Sagan presents all the major formal aspects of poetry—
from rhyme to meter and pantoum to villanelle—in an informal accessible style. Unbroken Line: Writing in the Lineage of Poetry has been selected by the prestigious Writers Digest Book Club as a featured alternate.

Advance praise for the book is offered by Natalie Goldberg who writes

"I endorse this book 100%!"

           Joanne Kyger praises the text as an :

"astute guide to the practice of poetry with its basic breath and line" 

          and Robert Creeley describes it as :

"a work of quiet compassion and great heart."

         This book is sure to find a place on every working poet's bookshelf.
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