A History of Light:  A Memoir
Alvaro Cardona-Hine

128 pages

ISBN 1-890932-00-0


Western Edge




Do you remember your first love?

A History of Light, a memoir, by Alvaro Cardona-Hine, is set in Costa Rica of the 1930's and written in a series of translucent meditations that shimmer with a tenderness as irresistible as memory itself. This glimpse of a different world and a young boy awakening to his own heart is sensual yet profoundly innocent. 

The smaller size (6 x 6.5) is intended as an invitation to take the book in hand to read aloud to friends or lovers, to mail to those far away for the holidays, or carry in a pocket or purse to remind you to open your heart to love. The gate flaps add to the elegance of the edition along with the exquisite cover drawing by Cardona- Hine.

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Alvaro Cardona-Hine is a poet, artist, composer, translator, and writer. His works for Sherman Asher Publishing have been finalists for the 1998 Small Press Book Award for A History of Light and ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year 2000 for Thirteen Tangos for Stravinsky. His poetry is included in Written with a Spoon, a Poet's Cookbook and The Practice of Peace He has graciously allowed us to use his art work on the covers of The Practice of Peace, Small Mercies, Thirteen Tangos, and A History of Light.

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