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Conversations with Cosmo


At Home With an African Grey Parrot

By Dr. Betty Jean Craige, Ph.D    
Pets /Reference
$ 19.95
/Hard Cover - Paper over Board
144 Pages
Acknowledgments, Table of Contents,
Preface by Irene Pepperberg, Text (five
12 black and white photographs
5 1/2 x 8 1/2




"Professor Craige describes in great detail the intelligence and the striking personality of her Grey parrot, Cosmo. . . . But Craige also explains to us just how Cosmo has developed into such a wonderful being" --Irene M. Pepperberg, author of The Alex Studies and Alex and Me

In reading about Cosmo's language development and her remarkable cognitive skills, I was reminded that we as humans are not unique in our need to seek and offer caring companionship. --Judith Ortiz Cofer, author of The Line of the Sun and The Latin Deli

In CONVERSATIONS WITH COSMO: AT HOME WITH AN AFRICAN GREY PARROT, Dr. Betty Jean Craige tells the story of her parrot's education in the language and culture of her human friends. Cosmo is a seven-year-old female Congo African Grey Parrot who by the age of six had learned more than a hundred words and had uttered more than two hundred different phrases, makes up her own phrases, and is still learning. Craige recounts how Cosmo learned to talk, developed social skills and a sense of humor, and became an adorable feathery little person, a real party animal. Cosmo is funny —her first joke was "Telephone for bird!"—and so is Craige. Craige's purpose in writing this very entertaining book is not only to report and explain her parrot's acquisition of language and it's cognitive abilities, but also—through Cosmo's story—to awaken readers to the mental activities of all the animals with whom we humans share space on our planet. The book has a preface by Irene Pepperberg, author of THE ALEX STUDIES and ALEX AND ME, and two appendices: a list of "Cosmo's Utterances" and a list of "Forty-Four Tips for Living with an African Grey" and an index.



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Dr. Betty Jean Craige is University Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. She has published books in the fields of literature, history of ideas, and ecology. Two of her translations of Marjorie Agosín’s poetry were published by Sherman Asher Pub. LAYING THE LADDER DOWN: THE EMERGENCE OF CULTURAL HOLISM, won Georgia Author of the Year Award, & EUGENE ODUM: ECOSYSTEM ECOLOGIST AND ENVIRONMENTALIST explores development in the 20th century of a holistic understanding of culture and nature.


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