Small Mercies
By Barbara McCauley




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Memories of a shared childhood and coming of age is skillfully interwoven with the facts of a sister's suicide. It addresses the issue of how to we bear the unbearable with honesty and tenderness.  A wonderful testimony of sisterhood as well as a meticulous and compassionate description of an American life, one small observable truth at a time without trying to explain, excuse, or provide easy answers.

Two sisters travel through childhood to adulthood touching and well-written
 the writing is a triumph ‹Spring Valley Tribune

The writing is lucid and lyric, bringing the intensity of childhood and young adulthood to life ‹New Mexico Magazine

An eloquent, poignant and heartfelt book; shimmering, graceful passages about grappling with the shattering effects of suicide. ‹The New Mexican

In Small Mercies Barbara McCauley presents the fleeting moments of intimacy, the losses of the unspoken, the misunderstandings recognized too late of one sibling relationship and its aftermath. Like life itself, this story and its telling produce no answers, no easy closure. But the simple clarity of the words and the mystery of these events carry us forward, make it possible to go on. ‹William J. Higginson, author of Haiku World

Startling in its honesty for anyone who has expressed loss and is ready to begin the process of healing ‹The Bloomsbury Review

Few writers combine tact with an unwavering eye for truth. Fewer still do so with eloquence, generosity, and grace. Barbara McCauley is one of the few among the few. She knows how loss and grief come upon us not with thunder, but in our envies, vanities, and pretenses in the small unnoticed betrayals of ten thousand ordinary days. It is her gift to weave, from our common misery, a hope and a healing. ‹Jack Butler, author of Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock


$20.00, Hardcover, 144 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN 1-890932-04-3 

$13.50 , Tradepaper, 144 pages,ISBN 1-890932-05-1 

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