Poems for Josefina
by Marjorie Agosín





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In her latest book, Poems for Josefina, award-winning author Marjorie Agosín pays homage to her recently deceased grandmother, a vibrant and adventurous woman whose dedication to family and country transcended the turmoil of life as a Jewish immigrant in Catholic Chile.

In spare but evocative language, Agosín explores the conflicting emotions that characterize the experiences of exile, loss, and grief. This haunting collection of poems, limns a compelling portrait of the extraordinary woman whose spirit continues, even after death, to serve Agosín as muse and teacher.

"The poems in this collection, written in Spanish and translated into English by Betty Jean Craige, are inspired by Josefina Agosín Halpern, my grandmother, who lived a wondrous life in her native land of Chile and died there in August of 2002. My grandmother was humorous, kind, honest, and guided by a sense of truth and justice.  The poems evoke and recreate her life, tell of her delightful eccentricities, and share the grief that accompanies the acknowledgment of a loved one¹s death."

Marjorie Agosín


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