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Our commitment to poetry stems from the conviction that the insights received from the symbolic messages of poetry are a necessary and potent precursor to making changes in the world.

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 The Rain at Midnight
By Joseph Hutchison

$12.95, Tradepaper, 96 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN 1-890932-12-4  

Here are poems that embody a sense of risk and a physical longing to connect to the world where the body lives. Critics praise the intimate moments of family life that recall William Carlos Williams and the unbridled sensuality of D.H. Lawrence. Embracing the world with a wild tenderness, Hutchison wrestles his way into and out of “this earth you’ll enter and enter until there’s no leaving it.” 

The Rain at Midnight is Joseph Hutchison’s fourth book-length collection. It is a finalist for the 2001 Colorado Poetry Award. Bed of Coals won the 1994 Colorado Poetry Award and his chapbook Shadow-Light won the 1982 Colorado Governor’s Award volume.
The stunning cover photograph is "Hogback" by Jack Kotz

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Lluvia en el desierto / Rain in the Desert
by Marjorie AgosÍn

$15.00, Tradepaper, 104 pages, 7x 9, ISBN 1-890932-09-4

Marjorie Agosín's bilingual collection is filled with mystical, erotic, and lyrical new poems.

"Poetry that is both memorable and haunting." —Isabel Allende
A poetry blessed by the beauty of invisible things, a poetry that blesses the human spirit. Claribel Alegria

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Stronger in the Broken Places
By Sheila Cowing

$12, Tradepaper, 96 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN 1-890932-06-x  

Sheila Cowing's poems are published in over one hundred literary journals and are frequently anthologized. Stronger in the Broken Places is her long awaited first book-length collection. From 1986­1991 Cowing served as editor of Shoe Tree, a national literary magazine for young writers. The New Jersey Arts Council awarded her a Distiguished Artist Fellowship in 1988.

Perceptive, shimmering with clarity, Sheila Cowing¹s poems explore facets of the human predicament: sorrow, history, music remembered, and the insistence of nature. Her metaphors rise out of the natural world she reflects upon so generously, giving this collection a fresh and intelligent vision. ‹Colette Inez, author of Clemency

The rich, clear images delight the senses and beckon the spirit. . . Cowing's long-standing love of words is evident. The Bloomsbury Review

Sheila Cowing's poems come forth richly, but with the excitement of a wild struggle to wrench them out of their elements. It isn¹t smooth work. Muscular consonances, surprising internal rhyme patterns, harsh juxtapositions, difficult leaps: one senses the mind¹s wrestle, with language, with dislocation, and with loss. Excellent at compression, she forms poems that ignite like the pressed fuel of a peat bog, like the burning distances of her New Mexican vistas. This book is hot. ‹Madeline Tiger, author of Water Has No Color

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Lizard Light 
Poems from the Earth
Penny Harter

Lizard Light celebrates our sacred physical connection to the planet, and offers us a path not of ownership, but kinship, as part of the breathing world of ravens, rocks and constellations.

What the Critics are Saying:

Penny Harter is the real thing—a gifted poet of nature in the tradition of Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry, Robert Penn Warren, Theodore Roethke, and, at a greater distance, Dylan Thomas. —John Murray, Bloomsbury Review
at once subtle and dramatic, quiet and powerful. The New Mexican
Penny Harter sings us back to the center of things, to the heart, where everything speaks... we are learning the planet by ear, and our hearts have been changed..—Gary Lawless
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$14.00, trade paper, 96 pages, 6 x 9, ISBN 1-890932-02-7

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Collections from Judyth Hill

A full time writer, stand-up poet and teacher, Judyth Hill is dedicated to the scholarship and craft behind the work of words. "Hill's capable of seducing even an atheist into new acts of faith." Art Goodtimes, Pinyon Press.

Men Need Space
Judyth Hill

ISBN 0-9644196-3-7 Paper, 72 pages, $12.00

These poems, arranged as a tribute to growth in relationships and writing, move through expectation, disillusion, and disintegration, to seeing and loving people as they really are and love in its deepest sense. Sure to please anyone in a relationship. Read Excerpt Poem

Listening For Cactus
Mary McGinnis

ISBN 0-9644196-4-5 Paper, 96 pages, $14.00.

Audio Cassette of the author reading the book in its entirety, $5.95

These poems are celebrations of the seen and unseen, the New Mexico landscape, its colors, and silences. Blind since birth, she has written with power and humor about the disability experience, wild pears, and the dreams she doesn't remember. "To be a true poet one must acquire the skill of listening beyond the sound spectrum assigned to humans. These poems reveal an adept listener, one who has been listening to time move through cactus, the sky, lovers, and all manner of tender and funny human behavior. I have been listening to the poems of Mary McGinnis for many years. They continue to move me to listen." Joy Harjo, poet and musician.
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