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Conservations with Cosmo - At Home with an African Grey Parrot

The Wave - Tom Miller

Conversations with Cosmo
At Home with an
African Grey Parrot

Dr. Betty Jean Craige, Ph.D

Cosmo the African Grey Parrot
talks intelligently, tells jokes, and carries on conversations with
her person, Dr. Craige


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The Wave

Tom Miller 


Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano,
collapses causing a mega-tsunami
threatening millions
along the Pacific and LA

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Jimmy Santiago Baca - Breaking Bread with Darkness

Breaking Bread with the Darkness
Book 1: The Esai Poems
Jimmy Santiago Baca

After 25 years in the system, from an orphanage at age five to a maximum security prison cell at 31, Jimmy Santiago Baca has become one of the most powerful literary
voices in America today


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