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A Sea of Voices

By Marjorie Agosin

New Perspective on Israel
Through Women's Poetry



"Women Poets in Israel" is a uniquely original anthology that brings together the voices of fifty-one women poets living in Israel. Each writes in their native language as well as in Hebrew.

Included are poets from France, Spain, Iraq. Poland, and the USA, who write in French, Yiddish, Russian, Spanish/Ladino, Arabic, Polish, German, Hebrew, and English. With multiple poems from
each poet, this anthology, in which all the poems are translated into English, demonstrates the
diversity of women's poetry in Israel and shows the multifaceted multilingual experience of writers
living in an historically complex society. This mesmerizing and powerful collection evidences how
exile and diaspora enrich the poetic tradition of Israel. The book includes a section on women poets
who write in Arabic



Marjorie Agosín
is Professor of Spanish at Wellesley College. She has written over 22 books
of poetry, 8 memoirs, and 6 books of fiction, in Spanish and English, and has received numerous awards, including the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor, The UN Leadership Award in Human Rights, the Latina Award, the First Prize for Poetry from Letras de Oro, the Latino Literature Prize, and the National Mujer Award.

She was named by Hispanic Magazine an Outstanding Latina Woman.

by Marjorie Agosin

  1. Fullness of Invisible Objects 1-890932-34-5

  2. Mother, Speak to Us of War 1-890932-32-9

  3. Poems for Josefina 1-890932-24-8


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