Written with a Spoon,

A Poet's Cookbook 
edited by Nancy Fay and Judith Rafaela

ISBN 1-890932-22-1
200 pages





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Western Edge Press





A treat for poets, cooks, and cookbook collectors, this eclectic collection is filled with poetry of substance and sweetness, meals of metaphor and meaning, and a sprinkling of fresh haiku between courses.

Over seventy recipes are paired with related poems weaving into the ingredient list a touch of romance and a spoonful of laughter.

Great poetry does for me what it's supposed to-evokes and recreates the powerful emotions that inspired the poet in the first place. But who would have thought that fine poetry could come from the kitchen? that cilantro could call forth the Muse? Reading this book is a sensual experience of the hightest order.

-The Fresno Bee

Poetry lovers who enjoy cooking will like this one. A good read.

The Cookbook Collector

Order more than one--this is a great hostess gift.


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Santa Fe, NM 87501
Telephone: 505 988-7214
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