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Voice Of My Heart
Poems and Fiction

By Jason Yurcic
Introduction by Jimmy Santiago Baca
A spiritual explorer transcends hardship

88 Pages B&W Photos
5.50 x 8.50


"People who have gone through what he has
shake the very foundation of people's cynicism...
and are not supposed to be able to heal themselves,
much less write a book." 

--from the Introduction


A collection of poems and prose from a young man who has seen the worst of what society has to offer, from street violence to the squandering of childhood dreams. The first section is about the author's search for acceptance.

The second section, Letters to a Lost Love, is a prose poem about healing through acceptance of the past. The author sees how he was trapped in a world of hard physical labor and that lack of education has been the catalyst for his fate. In the third section, Soul on Earth, the writer heals himself by reading in front of audiences, and his work begins to reflect a deep fiery passion of joys sparked by the birth of his first child. 


Jason Yurcic was born in New Mexico while his father was in prison. Soon after release, his father was
brutally murdered in a street fight. Spending his childhood at his grandfather’s junkyard and armed with street
smarts, Yuric survived a tumultuous, lonely childhood full of encounters with violence and the law, to
finally confronting his addiction to abuse and self-destructive tendencies. A professional boxer at 23, he
became disillusioned with violence.  He met poet Jimmy Santiago Baca who mentored him on how to
express himself through writing. Jason now conducts workshops for prisons, schools and colleges.

Jimmy Santiago Baca was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has written numerous books including poetry, essays, short fiction, and a number of screenplays. His awards and honors include the Wallace Stevens Chair
at Yale, the National Endowment of Poetry Award, Vogelstein Foundation Award, National Hispanic Award, American Book Award, Pushcart Prize, Southwest Book Award, and the International Prize.

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